Saturday, July 26, 2014

Old Mill Restaurant AUGUST 26

We stopped for a heavy lunch at the Old Mill Restaurant on route 2A in Westminster, Mass.

It was just a delightful place, found merely by signage along the highway. 
However, we were on smaller roads, opting again to avoid the big highway at least for half the trip. That worked well for traffic and insured us against accident holdups as well as giving us more to watch.  It added about a half hour to the trip.

Elizabeth had an old fashioned chicken pie.  I had a duck that had been locally raised.  All the food was good, but it was often off diet.  I had stuffing and orange sauce, a taste of deep

fried dough and of sticky bun both dipped in real maple syrup.
I thought I'd pay, but I check my sugar when home and it was 112, not bad and actually better than most morning checks.

Brocolli and squash came with the meal.  There was much too much food to eat.

The place itself is very picturesque.  There is a huge pond that flows over a waterfall

and then meanders off as a stream.

Ducks fill the pond and in the distance white geese.

 Hanging flowers are plentiful

 Two wooden bridges form walkways across the stream and up to the restaurant






Inside it is decorated in a rustic manner.



71st Birthday visit

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