Tuesday, June 27, 2017


We  took a drive up to the Clark Museum today to see two exhibits.  One was Picasso encounters.  Here is a good review with samples of that:

The other was

On the way we stopped at the Five  Corners for coffee and a sandwich. 

I ate just one bite and a few bites of greens.  My coffee was a vanilla flavored with chocolate powder added.  Very good.  Two cups for $2.55.

Both of the exhibits at the Clark were interesting and enjoyable.  Not earthshaking.  I could not take photographs, but here is what I remember.

Picasso Encounters started with his more conventional painting,  a self portrait, some other portraits.
Then it jumped to the cubism and abstractions.

I did like Portrait of Dora Maar
I would like to read a bit more about her.  She was a major lover in his life.  However, he kept his women in secondary status.  If they became assertive, he dropped them and moved on to someone else. 

I did not like The bullfight drawing.  It was much too abstract for me to find any of the images the little plaque said were there, except for the face of the bull.  The rest seemed just indecipherable.


This included the piano shown in this link:

It is part of the permanent collection and usually housed with the Surrealist paintings upstairs.  We had not noticed it until they put it in the context of the room where it once existed.  The representation of that room was very impressive with restored seats, even to the monogram that someone had removed and the painting that hung in the room, a woman listening to Homer.

There was a very interesting circular table that was made to expand in a very intricate manner.  If the table was spun to the right, it opened areas that could be filled with expanding triangular pieces.  It was quite a process.  Two sets of pieces were available for two different expansions.  The designs were mounted in large drawings on the wall.  A video showed the table being expanded.  It would make a good poker table, the guard told me.  It was his favorite joke.  He told it to everyone.

We sat for a while by the very calming pond of water with hills of green and grazing cows in the background.  The chairs were composite recycled materials and we asked for the company who makes them. 

Amazing chair.  Astounding price.

I had a good nap to catch up again on a sleepless night.
Then we went for the half duck at '06 restaurant.  Another great meal.  They were nice enough to serve us the duck early. A great duck with plenty of garlic spinach and a mixed veggie. 
We got on the road and were home just a bit after 6 PM.

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