Thursday, June 1, 2017


It was quite a challenge to be up for such a long stretch.  I had gotten up very early in Spain and just napped a bit here and there, arriving in Boston just before Dana's birthday party.

I was fairly tired and it took a while to find the shuttle that was to take me to the hotel.
Finally, Elizabeth found a number that worked and told them I had arrived and was looking for them.
There was a parking lot called "Shared Vans" that held about fifty limos and vans. That was there mine was supposed to be.  No one greeted me with a sign.
So, as I walked into the lot, I started shouting at the top of my lungs.
"Anyone here going to the Kendall Hotel? "
The limo guys all dressed in their prim suits smiled.
"Anyone WANT to go to the Kendall?
And slowly the driver found me.
He knew me by name after Elizabeth's call.
Off we went.
At the hotel I caught up a bit, showered, changed clothes, and off we went to Dana's birthday party which was ironically held in a Spanish tapas bar near the hotel.

I like this hotel.  It is really as much museum as hotel with plenty of firehouse bits and other interesting antiques.

We had stayed once ore perhaps twice before

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