Sunday, June 7, 2015

Old visit to Shakespeare and Company

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shakespeare and Company/poker

We went up to Shakespeare and Company AGAIN.
Say, what is up with me, anyway?  Two plays in one week.

We met Ron and Randy from Ithaca and stopped afterwards at the Firefly restaurant.
Wow!  Some meal.  I had the flounder with yucca roots and Elizabeth had the trout.  We both were very pleased.  It is the best fish I have had out in my recent memory.

The conversation was great too.  Ron was very interesting even for a fellow like me who does not understand economics.  I've ordered his book.

The book

Randy has been an English teacher, administrator and ended as superintendent for the North Colonie schools.  She was perky and smart and great to talk to.  I think I'd have loved working for her.  She was a very teacher centered superintendent.

They talked too about Ithaca where they now live.  It is a liberal town and I'd fit right in.  They felt very comfortable there and were surprised to find that Colonie was not quite the same.  Ron joked that in Ithaca he was considered a conservative, but in Loundonville he was a liberal.

This is our first outing with these folks, but I don't expect it will be the last.

The play, Heroes,

This was a very light and funny play.  Three actors all did such a wonderful job that we did not want to see the end.  In general, they wrestle with issues they have of being retired and in a home, but it was all in the tone of a British Sit Com.

The whole day was fun.
Until I woke up this morning I was really thinking that I would not go due to sickness, but I was fine and did not feel I was contagious.  I cough a bit yet, but I feel a hundred and two percent better.

I had a very rough night of it last night.  The coughing was so intense I could not sleep with my mask, and so I did not sleep very well at all until later in the evening when things broke a bit.  I seem now to be out of the worst of it.

The ride over to Lenox was very pretty and on the ride back we had that sunset light to richen the green of the trees.  We almost stopped at Guido's but it was closed.


I got killed at the poker today, mostly playing pineapple with Gregg until almost 9PM head to head.  Lots of fun.  I made a sangria and brought it along.
At home I ate the last of an organic chicken.  So, I've been off the strictest parts of my diet most of the day.

I'm feeling much better.  The cold is almost gone.  Tomorrow I'll rest up again.

I had quite a two day session with the MyVegas game and finally ended getting the bonus points, but they cost me more than they were worth.  I wish I could get Elizabeth's score up a bit higher, but she runs out of chips very quickly.  We'll get some freebies next Vegas trip for sure. 

Very fine cool weather now.  Finally. Whew

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