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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


This place just stays the same.  I love going there.  I have my favorite seat just under the great photo of Langston Hughes and the hand written letter from Alex Hailey.
They often put me there because it is a table for two.

There was not live music and none from the Sinatra era, but it was fine pop music from my youth.

They accommodated me, trading my mashed potato for Rome greens.  I got an appetizer order as well.  At first the waitress said the greens only came in one size, but someone from the kitchen overheard and offered them.
I drank a half bottle of Ruffino, had a good crumbled blue cheese salad, and ordered Porkchop Rom which was a fine cut of meat done in what approached a cracked pepper sauce like that used on steak. It was tasty, but it was not the French sauce.
I had an off diet piece of garlic bread.

When I first came in there was a family with rambunctious kids and plenty of attempts at discipline that were only partially successful.  They soon left and there was just the usual folks.  Some at a nearby table talked to me a bit.  They were joking about not being able to see the cardiac doctor, and about it all being nothing anyway.

I was hungry, having had nothing since breakfast.  I ate at the Utica  Denny's at the counter and had the Santa Fe skillet with no potatoes and a very small portion of added spinach.  Again at first they discouraged me from ordering the skillet with no potatoes as it would be a bit small.  I think I'll write a letter to Denny's asking them to find a way to eliminate the carbs in their skillets.
I had sunny side eggs to avoid overcooked over easy.  They put the whole thing on some sort of a warmer before the waitress served it.  This might explain why the eggs have time to cook.  I think I'll try ordering them on the side next time.
I would have liked to try a more Utica type restaurant but Monday is a hard day to find anything open.

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