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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My GPS did not take me there very directly.  I finally found it.  The GPS also got me lost finding the Munson Williams Proctor Museum which I went to next, after I checked out of the hotel


This has got to be the best free museum I have ever seen.  No $20 entrance here.  It was also more than an art museum.  There was connected a house where the donors lived which is now loaded with antiques.

There were many painted pieces too modern for my taste, but others caught my eye and imagination.  

One entire room was dedicated to art that reflects our love of drinking cocktails.

This was pretty interesting. It was a collage of drinking in the movies.  I saw one in another museum on telephones.  They played the parts of the old movies where drinks were shared.

 Of course, I had to have this fish in the photos.  It did not move me much.  It was one of the modern pieces I find to have little artistic value.  But here it was.

A bit of playing cards.

 I could not respond to this Dali.  The fishermen seemed to obscure to really be seen.
 Cool first edition cover.

 I liked this piece.

Here is a painting that I can understand and enjoy

 There was a grand collection of old pocket watches.

 The stairway in the house was pretty impressive.

 Old stone jugs
 A fine table


 A fisherman statue.

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