Thursday, July 27, 2017

Farm to Table

Morning of my last day. Farm to Table food. The museum.
I started the day in one of the most unique eateries I have ever visited.  It is called Farm to Table and is quite an interesting restaurant set in an old library.

I was the only one there when I arrived.  The friendly fellow who was waiter and cook offered to sauté a few vegetables and add some good ham on the side.  At $6 it was a good breakfast.  I tipped to $8.  The place had fine folk music and a huge assortment of books on the shelves, some of them not arranged neatly but just stacked in.  I could have read there for a few days easily.
The food was tasty.  It is a huge area.  A few others arrived as I was leaving, but I can't imagine they get much business. I'll head back there again. 
They might have a good crowd during the college season. It looks like that sort of place.  

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