Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cal's restaurant Sunday April 24

We decided just to walk across the street to Cal's and have a meal.  This is a nice upscale restaurant.  We were lucky to fall into a price fix promotion and get quite a prix fixe deal for $22 that included all the courses.

We started with stuffed mushrooms and they were delicious.
Elizabeth had their signature redfish and that was a fine dish, easily comparable to anything in Florida.
I had steak au poivre and laughed to think that I had wanted this since we passed up the French restaurant two days ago.  It was a fine dish, but the sauce was rather bland.  I added much more pepper.  The steak was good but not the best of cuts.
Vegetables were a medley with plenty of zucchini and all was properly cooked.  A bit of tabasco sparked the taste. 
Elizabeth had a margarita that was too sweet.  I had two Malbecs and the even with the food the wine seemed to have an effect. 

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