Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vist with Dana a Jen August 25 to 26

We saw Dana and Jen's new apartment in Cambridge.  It looks like they are settling in pretty well and are happy with the choice.  There are plenty of amenities including a pool, workout room, pool table, small theater.
Dana grilled in an inner courtyard so we were outside eating last night.  We shopped for the food at Wholefoods:  marintated tuna, marinated steak tips, mixed fresh vegetables, a couple interesting salads.  Quite a picnic.

We had a good, long, fun visit and learned a good bit about Jen's work and Dana's reading including another Golim book.  Jen also talked about her new sewing hobby and that seemed pretty interesting to me as I've been playing with a much more simple sewing lately and curious about what it takes to make pants or a dress.  Jen had a new dress form too so she can do complicated alterations.
We stayed the night in an apartment right here in the Atmark apartments.  It is spacious and includes a kitchen, but it is poorly supplied.  Luckily we brought out soap from the last hotel.  Once again that proves a good idea.

Dana dropped  over this morning for breakfast and then went to work.  Elizabeth and I had a swim and  headed back to Albany taking a scenic route.

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