Sunday, August 24, 2014

West Springfield meal August 23

Went to Lattitude for an upscale eating experience.

Elizabeth had ribs.
I had three "small" plates :   fried Brussels sprouts,   garlicky spinach, and a fine chicken marsala soup.

Two glasses of wine with the meal and I'm still a bit tipsy.
Some Spanish Tempranillo.  The price was down to $7.  Excellent wine. 

Then we stopped at Table and Wine, the most amazing wine store I have seen in many years.

We ended up with a large box of wine and with the Berkshire Brewery that Elizabeth had for supper, a most wonderful porter if perhaps less satisfying in the bottle than on a nitro tap.

Ironic that I wanted a photo of this English dog greeter.  I am very happy to be out of all of the drama we have to endure almost daily at home. 
Road trips are such a treat.

Note:  Harvey highly recommends we try this place on the next trip

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