Sunday, August 24, 2014

Road Trip August 23 to August 25 2014

"Travel is escape from all your pressing problems.  That's why we're so willing to give it our complete attention."

"I'm going somewhere.
It doesn't matter where.
The idea of leaving where you are for someplace else takes over...  Leaving is the important thing and everything in life is directed toward that end."
Andy Rooney from Sweet and Sour

Elizabeth and I finally got some time away from the eternally altricial.

It felt good to take a few days to be off by ourselves enjoying some of the area around home. 
So often we think we have to go long distances to find delightful travel experiences, but there is so much right near home yet to be explored.

Our travel this trip was to be in Massachusetts.

We decided to visit the Clark Museum and then to  go to Springfield for a couple nights and explore that area and then to Dana's in Boston for a couple more days.

We passed  Ioka Valley Farms.  We think this is where Robin and Bobbie love to go for pancakes and real maple syrup. At any rate it looks like a spot to look up again.

It was fine traveling in new Honda.  Elizabeth played music from her mini ipod, some of it recorded many years ago. 1400 songs in all. 
I'd forgotten them.
She had forgotten them.
The new Honda enabled us to play the ipod.
 It was just grand!

Memphis Minnie sang:
"Hold that deck!  Please...... don't turn that card!
I've got a love bone in my heart."

Little Milton sang Casino Blues:
"I done lost all my money, Now I'm about to lose my mind."

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  1. Thanks for sharing words and pics of your trip. Looks delightful and so pleased that you and E have this opportunity to relax and enjoy.


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