Sunday, August 24, 2014

Clark Museum Bronzes August 23

Cast for Eternity

Here are some photographs

Here is an overview.

I could not use my camera in the Chinese bronze section, but these links will give some idea.  I was awed and delighted.  So many of the pieces reflected food and wine, and almost all were adorned with animals and birds, sometimes in relief and other times in three dimentional detail, built into handles, or seen climbing up the sides of the containers.

Many of the pieces in these photographs are similar to what we saw

Pieces included Ding
We saw one from the 15the century BC
He - This one had a fine dragon spout.
So many dragons appear on pieces in so many places, it is hard to believe they never existed.

Such interesting short names for various bronze.

One from 2000BC is in some of the posts.  It had seven yaks and Tigers climbing the sides.


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